Missing in Action

Missing in Action.


Missing in Action


I have been VERY busy with renovating our home. This left little time to blog, as my hours have been spent painting, cleaning grout, moving furniture, decluttering, packing and unpacking boxes, etc. (I’m sure that you get the idea). I have also been on the path to health in many curious ways.

The Western action for finding health would be to make an appointment with a doctor. I have been putting off two such appointments. One, to my PCP and one to my cardiologist. Both will be just to renew prescription medicines that I currently am running low on. I am about to try maintaining a normal blood pressure; cholesterol; and blood sugar by using only a good diet and daily exercise. It is a HUGE step for me but one that I need to make. I find it necessary to prove, not only yo myself but to my physicians, that 4 meds I take daily are NOT essential to my well being. This will also prevent me from reverting occasionally to my past binges on sugar or carbohydrate filled snacks or treats. I am excited but nervous at the same time. If anyone else out there has done this, please contact me at: auntmeemaw@comcast.net or message me on Facebook.

I have also been finding new apps and incorporating new practices into my daily life which have helped my inner world tremendously. The new Tiny Buddha app (available on iTunes and Google Play), brings me hourly wisdom, reminding me to love myself and others fairly and honestly. Daily Challenge (http://www.meyouhealth.com) is the biggest encouragement that I could wish for. My 100+ friends visit me off and on every single day and keep me focused on what I must be doing to maintain health for my soul. HuffPost on OWN (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/own/) offers many new insights into overcoming old difficulties for me. Then, there is Super Soul Sunday (www.livestream.com/supersoulsunday) which feeds my need for connection on a Sunday morning. Followed by In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod (www.oprah.com/app/in-deep-shift.html). I enjoy these 30-minute vignettes tremendously. They present real-life people with real- life problems. If a show offers someone I do not think would be interesting, THAT is the show that I most needed to see.

These are just a few of the treasures that have come my way in the past weeks. I hope that you will check them out and that one or more may bring you the joy and satisfaction that it has brought me. 😉

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My Heart and Hand

Had a doctor’s appointment to check the progress of my broken left hand.  It seems that the entire length of my index finger is still fractured.  No wonder it still hurts so much.  It was pretty much a repeat of last month – only, this time, there was a much nicer intern taking care of me.  His name was Nick  and he actually looked at me and seemed to hear what I had to say.  He suggested that I try to make as tight a fist as I possibly can numerous times a day until I return in 6 weeks.

I felt energetic when the appointment was done.  So, I decided to pick up the holds I had at the public library.  I chose two DVDs on top of the five books waiting for me.  So, I am set for another week.

I needed a few things from the grocery.  So, I decided to stop there on my way home.  As I strode through the produce section, of course, I couldn’t help but pick out a few juicy deals before I bought what I actually was shopping for.  Ever since I have changed my diet to include mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, I have to say that I have felt better.  As a matter of fact, if the car accident had not happened, I would probably be slimmer and more fit than I have been in a long time.  Alas, it was not to be.  I need to get back into exercising three days each week.  I may have to start with only pool exercises as my hand hurts too much to try to do anything on the machines at the Y.   Sometimes, it gets so depressing.  Every time I get enthusiastic about working out, I get sick or, in this case, have an accident which throws off my whole goal.   I need to figure out a better plan, I guess.

I was also told today that I need to make an appointment with my cardiologist.  My blood pressure has been consistently 120/70 (or there abouts) for several months now.  My cholesterol is lowered and my heart rate stays at about 74.  They still tell me that I need to lose 30 pounds.  I have been losing thirty pounds since the year 2000.  I am 10 pounds heavier than when they originally told me to lose 30 pounds.  Like many of us, when we stop exercising, those pounds creep back on.  I guess I need to stay healthy long enough to lose that 30 pounds and keep it off, huh?


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What a Fine Mess I’ve Gotten Myself Into!


This isn’t my car, but it’s similar to what mine looked like after the accident.

As always, Life got in my way!  I have stayed mostly on my diet and was doing great with exercising.  I even rejoined the YMCA.   I was on my way to losing the 30 lbs. that I had set for my goal.  Then, BAM!  Some young girl plowed through a yellow light just as I was making a left turn.  My car was thrown through two lanes of traffic; My airbag exploded and the back window shattered in the face of my 9-year-old grandson.  My left hand began to look like a lobster claw as blood gushed forth like a geyser.  I stopped, took a breath, and thought, “Oh, shit!”.  I looked in the back seat to see blood running down my grandson’s face.  The baby was screaming bloody murder and after checking to make sure that nothing was broken or bleeding on him, I rushed to the other side of the car to try to get to my g-boy.  The car frame was crushed and it was impossible to try to open the rear door.  I didn’t even have a Kleenex on me, but a kind woman stopped and handed me a brand new box of baby wipes that she said she had just bought.  I reached through the broken window and tried to wipe Tyler’s little face off.  Alex was still screaming in his car seat.  So, I stuffed some of the baby wipes in the gash in my hand and returned to the driver’s side of the car.  I attempted to soothe the baby by holding him, but he wanted to sit in the car.  I guess he felt safer in his seat.

A policeman happened by just then.  He was probably on his way home from work.  He indicated that he would have help there in a few minutes.  It seemed like only about 2 minutes when an ambulance arrived along with backup from two other police cars.  They were needed to help direct traffic as this was rush hour in one of the busiest intersections in our area.  They took the kids first and strapped them into child seats in the ambulance.  Both were checked out thoroughly.  As soon as the oldest was cleaned up, I could tell that he had received only superficial abrasions.  The baby had a goose egg on his forehead but was calming down with the aid of a female officer.  I had, somehow, managed to call their Mom and she arrived shortly after we got into the ambulance.  The EMTassured both of us that there was no reason to take them to the ER at that time.  My daughter, Rachael, was relieved as she had just spent the day there two days previous with Alex who had an infected tonsil.  His throat had closed up and he was having trouble breathing.  That was on Wednesday.  This was Friday and, here we were, in the aftermath of the death of my VW Golf.

After Rach and the boys left, I was lying alone on a stretcher.  They hadn’t wanted to put me there while the boys were around so they wouldn’t get scared.  All alone, I suddenly realized that I was in excruciating pain and all I could do was remember to breathe deeply and pray to God that all would be well.  It seemed like it took forever for the ambulance to just get out of the area and onto the highway.  Lying on that stretcher with my hands feeling like someone was pounding on them with a hammer, I cried some silent and arid tears.

Long story short, I broke the fingers on my left hand and the airbag had almost torn my thumb off.  It was a very long night in the ER and I didn’t get dinner until 2 a.m. after not eating since 8 a.m.  My sternum was so badly bruised that I couldn’t breathe without pain for almost a month.  I still feel the sharp jabs in my chest when I move too quickly.  My hands are still on the mend, but I visit the PA tomorrow to get the final rundown.

So, this is my story and I am sticking to it!  I know that there’s no real excuse for not writing, but this is the best one that I have.  😉

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Anger Can Be A Good Thing

Once I got my dander up, I vented a bit to a few friends (online and elsewhere).  Several people suggested that I might change doctors.  However, I just did this last January.  Besides, who knows what I might get instead?!

SO, I decided to take charge of my own health.  A friend on Daily Challenge (http://challenge.meyouhealth.com), recommended that I read a couple of books that helped her tremendously.   EAT TO LIVE (http://www.amazon.com/Eat-Live-Amazing-Nutrient-Rich-Sustained/dp/031612091X/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1379168282&sr=8-3&keywords=Joel+Fuhrman) and THE END OF DIABETES (http://www.amazon.com/The-End-Diabetes-Prevent-Reverse/dp/0062219979/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1379168282&sr=8-4&keywords=Joel+Fuhrman) by Joel Fuhrman M.D.   I checked them out at the  local library to save money.  After reading them, I decided that eating fruits and vegetables might not be a bad thing.   I took the good doctor Furhman’s advice of adding fish twice a week and supplemented with a bit of good oil each day.  I also let myself indulge in some rice pasta and vegetarian cheeses and wraps.  I did spring for a vegetarian cookbook which I highly recommend:   Easy Vegetarian Dinners (Grand Avenue Books) by Dan Rosenberg (   http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/quick-and-easy-meredith-books-staff/1013413066?ean=9780696216909).  Most of the recipes are AMAZING!   I have never liked cooking but am finding that it can actually be fun!   My husband actually likes most of the recipes and he rarely tastes his food.  He mostly inhales it as he never takes the time to savor much of anything.    This was my first step to wellness and one that would lead to many others.  Image