Missing in Action


I have been VERY busy with renovating our home. This left little time to blog, as my hours have been spent painting, cleaning grout, moving furniture, decluttering, packing and unpacking boxes, etc. (I’m sure that you get the idea). I have also been on the path to health in many curious ways.

The Western action for finding health would be to make an appointment with a doctor. I have been putting off two such appointments. One, to my PCP and one to my cardiologist. Both will be just to renew prescription medicines that I currently am running low on. I am about to try maintaining a normal blood pressure; cholesterol; and blood sugar by using only a good diet and daily exercise. It is a HUGE step for me but one that I need to make. I find it necessary to prove, not only yo myself but to my physicians, that 4 meds I take daily are NOT essential to my well being. This will also prevent me from reverting occasionally to my past binges on sugar or carbohydrate filled snacks or treats. I am excited but nervous at the same time. If anyone else out there has done this, please contact me at: auntmeemaw@comcast.net or message me on Facebook.

I have also been finding new apps and incorporating new practices into my daily life which have helped my inner world tremendously. The new Tiny Buddha app (available on iTunes and Google Play), brings me hourly wisdom, reminding me to love myself and others fairly and honestly. Daily Challenge (http://www.meyouhealth.com) is the biggest encouragement that I could wish for. My 100+ friends visit me off and on every single day and keep me focused on what I must be doing to maintain health for my soul. HuffPost on OWN (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/own/) offers many new insights into overcoming old difficulties for me. Then, there is Super Soul Sunday (www.livestream.com/supersoulsunday) which feeds my need for connection on a Sunday morning. Followed by In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod (www.oprah.com/app/in-deep-shift.html). I enjoy these 30-minute vignettes tremendously. They present real-life people with real- life problems. If a show offers someone I do not think would be interesting, THAT is the show that I most needed to see.

These are just a few of the treasures that have come my way in the past weeks. I hope that you will check them out and that one or more may bring you the joy and satisfaction that it has brought me. 😉


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